GenSpan Baby Group

getting to know us

We're all about learning about you and your new, ever-changing life, but you may want to know a little about us first.

GenSpan Baby Group started talking to "newborn" parents over a decade ago when major baby brands wanted further information on how to design product to meet the modern parent's needs with new baby.

Thanks to years of feedback from expecting moms and dads via focus groups, mail and e-mail surveys, interviews and the like, our clients' designs and products keep getting better and better. Many of these products designed by shoppers and users just like you, are for sale at Babies R Us, Target, Walmart and baby specialty shops.

As your needs are ever changing, we keep learning from you and we so welcome your input. This is why we ask you to join our GenSpan Baby Group today. You'll automatically be entered into our giveaway and we'll contact you to pick your brain on a variety of baby-related topics very soon. Join here.