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Gadgets for New Parents

Are you a tech-savvy parent of a brand new bundle of joy? Here are a few inexpensive and informational apps for your smart phone to keep you updated on all things baby including your little one's naps, meals and even their diaper treasures!

Nursing Apps
Keep up to date with your baby's feeding schedule and predict when your little one will be hungry next! Check out these apps for your Smartphone or iTouch:

Baby Tracker: Nursing and Similac Baby Journal App.

Other New Parent Apps
Track every step of the way with your little one and watch them grow with these fun and easy-to-use apps!

The Total Baby App and the Baby Tracker: Diapers App.

Baby Clothes Basics

No need to over bundle! However many layers you have on, dress baby in the same, and add a light blanket as well.

While buttons and trim are fashionable, make sure to check all outfits before you dress baby. Any loose items should be removed, so that they do not become a hazard.

When shopping for clothes for your little one, remember to look for items that are easy to wash, effortless to put on, and will be comfortable for baby.