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Kid's Clothing for Next to Nothing

Children's clothes are not always the cheapest — and it seems your little munchkins grow right out of what you just bought them anyways!

If you want to pinch some pennies on your kids clothes and save your money for more important things (like their college fund) why not look into starting a clothing swap? Begin with your friends that have kids, and if it's a success you can always branch out further! Social networking sites such as Facebook make organizing it a cinch by creating a page for it and posting updates on when and where the next "swap" will be held, inviting other friends to join, etc.

Not feeling that you have enough time to start your own swap? No worries. Check out online swaps that are already started like this one here:

Don't Want to Party Like It's 1999?

Lets face it. The days of simply bobbing for apples and pinning the tail on the donkey are long gone. Your little ones are of the new millennium, and the games of yester year are just not going to cut it. Have no fear. We have a list of kid's birthday party themes that are sure to keep you a step above those little partiers, and have them thinking you're the coolest parent on the block.

Alice in Wonderland

A classic fairytale with a new spin. Send out invites that mention the mini — party goers should "not be late, for a very important date". Have a large table be the setting for the Fête, with tea settings, juice bottles that read "drink me" and petite fours that read "eat me" scattered, just like Alice encountered before falling down the rabbit hole.

Make the affair more magical by having dress up items for attendees such as "mad hatter" hats and "queen of hearts" scepters. Crafts for the kids can be decorating picture frames with cut outs of the Chesire Cat and his big smile, and once everyone is dressed up, photos can be taken and placed in the frames. Do that and you also have your party favor. Ta-da!

Willy Wonka

What kid wouldn't want a golden ticket? Have Wonka Bars (yes they really sell them) with details of the party printed on "golden tickets" wrapped around them. Dress yourself in a top hat so that you can get yourself into character playing the hostess with the most-ess, Willy or "Willa" Wanka him/herself.

This party can be pretty simple, with the most planning going into decorating. Larger than life lollipops can line your driveway or front walk to your house, with a chocolate fountain in your foyer, and fizzy lifting drink available in the kitchen (see recipe below). Once you have your house decked out with decadent, delicious candy, have a screening of the original movie for your wonka-tastic attendees to enjoy!

Fizzy Lifting Drink Recipe

In a punch bowl: