Lights. Camera. Awesome!

We have so much fun and know you will too!


We know captures can be an adventure for parents and after doing hundreds of captures with over 1,400 models, we know little models tend to call the shots. Read on to set your mind at ease and to see what a wonderful time we’ll have together.


Model Release Form Sample



General Photo & Video Q&As

“Capture Session” Defined

“Capture session” is our way of describing a photo or video shoot. Sometimes we capture still shots; sometimes we capture in motion. The term “capture session” helps cover it all.

Purpose of Our Captures

We do captures associated with baby gear! That’s what we specialize in. We capture photos and videos of products being used in real life for product presentations and advertising purposes. The products we capture include strollers, car seats, highchairs, playards and beyond. All our captures have either an infant, baby, child and/or parent in them.

Locations of Capture Sessions

We have 2 types of capture locations:

Onsite Captures: These happen at the GenSpan Studio. Our onsite capture studio has a beautiful reception area, dressing rooms with changing tables, a studio makeup mirror, a large capture space and all the comforts and luxuries for you and your little model.

On-Location Captures: These are another story! These happen just about anywhere you would use baby gear! From a park setting, to a home setting, to a car setting. Literally, just about anywhere. These are not in a controlled studio environment, so we often have fun factors such as weather, sun, bugs, and beyond. However, this is when we have the most fun and we all end up feeling like family by the end of the capture. We just roll with whatever comes our way and we make it a great day.

Typical Length of Captures

Captures vary in length from a couple hours, to a half day, to a full day. Plenty of time is built in for breaks, feeding time, resting time, downtime and playtime throughout the capture. The crew ensures the child model is only on camera a minimal amount of that time.

Typical Crew for Captures

We try to keep the crew as small as possible to keep from overwhelming the little models. However, at minimum there is typically an event host, a camera operator, a technical assistant and a product expert for even the most basic captures. Larger captures include a capture director, lighting team, dedicated smile maker, and others, as needed.

Scheduling for Captures

You’ll receive a call time/arrival time and a time range you or your child is needed for the capture. However, we all know, the child comes first. So, when your child needs an eating, napping, resting, playtime, or just a general people-break — we all take a break too. That gives the crew time to regroup and potentially do all the same things your child is doing on their break.

The Mood or Vibe at Captures

For captures with infants, the mood is calm and peaceful. Sometimes it’s all whispers on set to keep the baby relaxed and contented.

For captures with toddlers and kiddos, it tends to be fun and high energy. The kids pick the music and sometimes we have a dance party together!

For captures with just parent models, we get to chill, chat and totally enjoy the capture experience together.

It’s a Wrap! Now What Happens?

First, you take a deep breath. Then you change out wardrobe and gather any personal items.

Before departing, you sign a release form. Some brands pay by check within 2 weeks after the capture, others pay in cash on the day of capture.

Next, you load up with goodies and hit the road.

We can nearly guarantee your child will be sound asleep within minutes of your departure.



All About Modeling Q&As

How are Models Chosen? How is Casting Done?

Model selection, also known as “casting”, is a very specific process with various criteria.

The main criteria are age/size. The products we capture have very specific age and size requirements that are based on keeping the child as safe as possible in each mode of each product. Each capture requires the just right size of child to fit the product at the just right stage that must be shown in the capture. This is why you’ll be asked for ages, sizes, weights, heights, current pictures in products, etc.

Next is diversity and inclusivity. Each of the brands being captured make an effort to showcase all the beautiful children of the world in our products. For this reason, there is an effort to ensure many children are represented when selecting models.

Next is location. We also try to select models who live in close proximity to our capture location so children don’t arrive at the capture after a long journey to find themselves being strapped into another product. That doesn’t tend to go well as you can imagine.

What is Expected of a Child Model?

They just need to let you dress them and do their hair, go in front of a crew and cameras, let us harness them into a product, and then just sit, look pretty and smile. Yeah, right! When does that ever happen on cue, or on camera? Honestly, the child just need to be themselves, and we’ll all come alongside to help smile-make, noise-make, distract, bribe, tickle, play and do whatever it takes to help you and your child have a great time.

What if a Child Model Doesn’t Perform?

Well, that would put your child in the approx. 45% percentile of photo and video capture models. Hehe. But really, what child does what you need, when you need it, especially in front of a crew, lights, camera and action team? Not too many. So, we nearly always book multiple child models and multiple captures to help take the pressure off you and off your child. Just feel any pressure roll off your shoulders and know everything will be just fine.

What if a Child Model Won’t Smile?

That’s where a crazy cartwheeling member of the crew steps up and starts doing whatever it takes to get those smiles. From bubbles, to balloons, to balls, trucks, trains, puppets, silly noises, and even, well, actual cartwheels. While we’re on this topic, anyone interested in helping as a smile-maker at captures — reach out to us. We’re always looking for that someone who will be as silly as it takes.

What if a Child Model Needs a Break?

Your child gets to call the shots and set the schedule! It just nature’s way. While the schedule is always set and the shot list is defined and detailed, we are really seasoned at shuffling everything around based on what little models need along the way.

What is Expected from Mom/Dad Models Who Are Also in the Capture Session?

From the moment you arrive, the plan is to pamper you. You’re a busy parent and sometimes this is your moment to relax. Each capture is always stocked with coffee and goodies for you and the crew. Upon arrival we’ll get you dressed, fuss with your hair a little, fully brief you on the capture then you just get to smile and look pretty (or handsome).



All About Styling

Wardrobe/Clothing for the Models

This varies per capture and brand. Typically, you will be provided with a wardrobe that matches up to what is being captured. We also ask you to bring a few of your items along with you, just in case. See details here.

Hair Styling

Hair needs to be neat, tidy, and styled in a natural way. You can bring some personal hair accessories in case hair needs to go up. You’ll be notified by the event host if any special considerations or styles are needed. For dad models — beards should be well groomed.


Child and dad models get to stay all natural. No makeup needed.

We ask mom models to do their normal, natural makeup ahead of time — with just a little extra for the camera. Sometimes we do a little touch up during the capture, if needed.

How to prep ahead of time. What to pack and bring along.

Download the prepping and packing document here.



General FAQs

We Conduct Captures for the Following Brands and Purposes:

GenSpan™ promotional materials

Graco® product presentations

Graco® Europe marketing and advertising campaigns

Joie™ International marketing and advertising campaigns

Plus, several other supporting brands in our network.

What is the Payment/Compensation for Modeling?

The payment rates and terms vary from brand to brand and vary based on the length and type of capture. You are always paid very well and the rate / amount you’ll be paid is provided to you when you are first contacted about the capture.

Where do the Images Appear?

Usage also varies brand by brand. Some of the captures are for internal presentations, some are for global brands, and some are for our very own GenSpan. Just ask your event host to provide you with particulars on when and where you’ll be able to see the final production.

Model Release Form Example.

You will be asked to sign a release form the day of your capture. Each brand has their own customized release form.

You can view an example of our release form here.

What Do I Do When My Child is on Camera?

You have 2 options!

Option 1: Hop in and help us get those smiles and reactions. Unless that makes your child cry because they just want to be in your arms.

Then, we move to Option 2: You hide! We always have a spot nearby where you can still see your child, but they can’t see you. We also provide an iPad so you can still observe and monitor your child’s needs from around the corner. We also always make it a priority to have a cup of coffee nearby and ready for you to enjoy while in hiding.



Capture Gallery

Take a look at our gallery below to get an even better idea of what to expect.