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…the parenting club, that is! It’s the most rewarding club around and GenSpan is here to listen to your needs and desires as you navigate the wide, and sometimes confusing, world of baby necessities.

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Who is GenSpan?

Since 2004, GenSpan has had ONE goal – to listen to what current and first-time expecting parents need and want from their baby gear – all to help engineers design safer, more effective products for major baby brands.

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From online surveys to social media posts to on-site research events, we offer many ways for you to air your opinions on baby products. Sign up today to give feedback AND to earn easy cash while doing so.

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GenSpan is in constant need of sweet, smiling kiddos, snuggly babies and even moms and dads to star in our many baby gear photo and video shoots. It’s easy and so much fun! Click below to join the GenSpan modeling family!

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  • GenSpan is a great company! They truly care about your child’s well being and comfort. Everyone I have interacted with has been friendly and so accommodating, treating us as if we where part of the family. I can’t wait for our next experience working with GenSpan!

    -Photo Shoot Participant

  • From the staff that greets you… to the staff that helps with the reviewing — every person we encountered was very welcoming, friendly, and professional! It was well worth our time and the cash helps toward baby supplies/daycare expenses for us!

    -Research Participant

  • From the second I walked in, I felt very comfortable. Everyone was so nice and welcoming. The research portion was fun and I really learned a lot by taking part in this!  Thank you!

    -Research Participant

  • GenSpan is a marketing research company that is absolutely a delight to work with! They pay you for simply giving your opinion on baby essentials. Their staff is polite, professional and very kind. I would whole heartedly recommend that all new moms MUST participate in GenSpan research.

    -Research Participant

  • Everyone in attendance is so friendly and cares about my sons needs. If he needs a break they have no problems accommodating him.

    -Photo Shoot Participant

  • GenSpan is great for new parents to go and get ideas about products they may want to purchase. The overall experience is wonderful.

    -Research Participant



A great way to be connected to your kid’s education is by joining your local school board or PTO!
Going to these meetings is a great way to make new friends with kids the same age as your own.
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Let us remember: One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world." — Malala Yousafzai
We hope your little one is excited to learn and have fun this school year!
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You are your child’s first teacher, and they look up to you to learn new things.
Let your child help you do stuff around the house like cooking, gardening, cleaning or fixing things to keep them curious about new things.

Gaining knowledge doesn’t have an expiration date!
Have fun while continuing to learn - with cooking classes, painting classes, yoga classes, academic courses and so much more!
Every day brings a chance to learn something new, and your kids may even teach you something new!

September 6th is Read a Book Day!
Kids are curious so why not get them curious to read!
Head to your local library to open your child’s mind to a whole new world of reading!

September is National Learning and Development Month!
This month is all about how we can always learn more, because life never stops teaching!
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We are giving away a $50 gift card to the spa of your choice! Head over to our Facebook page ( to enter.
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Family self-care can simply be family activities that will, in turn, strengthen the bonds between partners, between parents and their children, and between siblings.
Working on healthy familial bonds will produce a lifetime of joy.
-Read books together
-Work on puzzles as a family
-Listen to music together and have a dance party
-Watch movies and make popcorn together
-Go on a hike to enjoy the fresh air together
-Go on a spontaneous road trip
-Take moment to sit and simply talk to one another
#families #mommies #genspan #babies #genspangroup #daddies #selfcare #parenting

As children learn to walk, talk and navigate through this road called “life”, they can experience feelings they may not know how to communicate.
It is good for children to learn healthy self-care methods so that they become more aware of their own physical and emotional needs.
-Painting and coloring are wonderful creative outlets
-Playing with clay is a great way to let your kids be hands on
-Have a dance party to release physical stressors
-Exploring the outdoors can be peaceful
-Baking cookies with a parent is a great bonding activity
-Read a book in a quiet corner to boost phonetic skills
#babies #genspangroup #selfcare #children #genspan #parenting

Life with a newborn is exhilarating and exhausting at the same time! You now have a tiny human being that is 100% reliant on you.
Self-care, as a new mom, is essential to your mental and physical health, so that you can be present for your newborn.
-Sleep or rest when your baby sleeps.
-Move your body for a few minutes every day – whatever you can do.
-Socialize with friends & family – in person.
-Don’t hesitate to ask for help. It takes a village…
-Treat yourself to a massage and/or a manicure.
-Make time for you and your partner to connect.
-Eat nutritious, enjoyable foods and hydrate.
-Soak in the quiet moments snuggling with baby.
-Look into hobbies you enjoy or try a new one.
#motherhood #genspan #babies #genspangroup #mommies #selfcare #parenting