We are always here to help care, but now we’re here to help comfort.

Dear GenSpan families,

We have always enjoyed the pleasure of journeying together with you as your families have started and grown along the way, and over the years.

In the spirit of journeying together with you, our hearts go out to every expecting mother and mom-to-be during this time. It’s normal to experience many unknowns when expecting, but now you have a whole new level of unknowns you are navigating. Our thoughts are also with all young families at this time: families with infants, toddlers and pre-schoolers. Those families who are figuring out how to manage a whole new norm for an undetermined amount of time. We know these coming weeks will test the limits of patience and ensuring safety and security for your family.

While our research facility is currently closed, we are still working away from home to keep new product ideas flowing for future product development.

We know you might have more ideas now, than ever before, about how to keep littles ones safe, entertained and cared for while at home. We also understand you may need an outlet and that you may enjoy sharing your ideas with us, so we will continue reaching out to you via email, social media and beyond to listen, learn and support you and your family in any way possible.

As always, feel free to also reach out to us and share how you are living, loving and doing tons of extra snuggling during this perfect time to do just that.

Your GenSpan Family